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Understanding PSD2: A Guide for e-Commerce
2. Strong Customer Authentication PSD2 promotes Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in online payments by making Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) mandatory 2.However, do not worry, there is a transition period (keep on reading). Authentication- the process of checking that the customer making a payment in your webshop is the rightful owner of the card used in the transaction.

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) explained in 3 …

 · The EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) could revolutionize the payments industry when the EU member states implement it into national laws in 2018. Bjørn Søland, technical expert at identity and security company Nexus Group, explains the directive and its consequences in …
Things You Wanted to Know About PSD2
PSD2 is about putting all existing players under one, unified regulatory framework. It is a directive that requires banks to provide access to their customers’ accounts via open APIs. The new regulation, which is meant to drive innovation on the European market
PSD2 explained
PSD2 is the product of a review of the original Payment Services Directive and requires payment service providers (PSPs) to make a significant number of changes to existing operations. The Directive requires that all Member States implement these rules as national law by 13 January 2018 – this EPC infographic explains everything .
PSD2: Return of the Directive – Insight
Executive Summary PSD2: Return of the Directive In 2018, Europe is extending its Payment Services Directive to include better security and a lower barrier of entry for new payment facilitators. In the early 2000s, changes in payments were happening everywhere in


 · PSD2 announces a number of major challenges for Payment Services Providers (PSPs). In some areas clarification is needed. For example, lots of concerns remain about how to handle the gap of some six months between PSD2 being implemented and the technical standards designed by the European Banking Authority (EBA) to underpin the “Access to Accounts” element of the Directive …

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PSD2 summary The EU directive PSD2 simplifies payment transactions for services such as PayPal. Cashless payments will become safer. Customers will need two-factor authentication to pay online. The SCA is implemented by the payment service providers.
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按一下以檢視4:10 · PSD2 is maybe one of the most disruptive development in banking and fintech in this decade. PSD2 – the payment service directive 2 – is a legal framework int
Especially pages 8-14 should be considered a must read for anyone looking for a clear summary of the provisions of article 2 PSD2, including example scenarios. Correlation Table Reference Implementation in the Netherlands: artt. 2(1) en 2(2) PSDII >> 1:5a, eerste lid; 4:2b, eerste lid …
PSD2 – PSD1 Interaction Summary
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Strong Customer Authentication and PSD2

 · PDF 檔案The PSD2 SCA requirements will apply in 2019 (18 months after publication of the RTS in the Official Journal of the European Union). The regulation will apply in all the Member States of the European Union and in Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. 2.
 · PDF 檔案eIDAS meets PSD2 22 SUMMARY • QSEALC Certificates provide a common and eiDAS secured method for an unknown TPP to become identified to the ASPSP. • PKI can be used verify the TPP is who they claim to be in the QSEALC. • QSEALC Certificates
PSD2 API Solution
 · PDF 檔案Functional description “PSD2 API Solution” Page 4 of 43 Document history Version Description (remarks) Date Author(s) 0.9 First draft March 13st, 2019 David Schneider, Lars Kieffer, Gerald Haase, Jörg Flade, Ludwig Volk 1.0 Version 1.0 March 13st, 2019

Regulatory Technical Standards on central contact points …

These draft RTS specify the criteria for determining when the appointment of a central contact point under the PSD2 is appropriate and the functions that these contact points should have. Documents Final Report on RTS on central contact points under PSD2 (EBA-RTS-2017-09) Links Payments services and electronic money Consumer protection and financial innovation Regulatory Technical Standards