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 · Furry fandom [] The culture of the furry fandom is easily as diverse as its art. Ranging from people mildly interested in its concept to full lifestyle devotees and spiritual seekers, furries, as the fans are more commonly known, are difficult to easily define. In general

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Furry fandom
Furry fandom (bahasa Indonesia: Fandom berbulu) adalah subkultur yang tertarik pada karakter hewan antropomorfik dengan kepribadian dan karakteristik manusia.Contoh atribut antropomorfik antara lain menunjukkan kecerdasan manusia dan ekspresi wajah, berbicara, berjalan dengan dua kaki, dan mengenakan pakaian.
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furry fandom
The furry fandom: an introductory exploration + fantastic fan art! It’s pretty fair to say that there’s a huge range of gender identities and sexualities that are virtually invisible to the mainstream public, but there also exist many dimensions of human experience and identity that depending upon personal interpretation, can blur the boundaries of what is one’s identity, sexuality, and

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 · 11 Eye-Opening Misconceptions About The Furry Fandom This weekend I attended Califur , the annual Southern California Furry Convention, and talked to …
Furry fandom
El furry fandom (también conocido como furris, [1] furries, furros, fur fandom o furdom) es una subcultura basada en el género furry (castellanizado también como furro) [2] es decir, interesada en la ficción de personajes animales antropomórficos. Si bien el interés y

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Furry Fandom là 1 nhóm tiểu văn hóa trải rộng toàn cầu, trong đó hướng sự quan tâm đến các nhân vật mang hướng Động vật (như trong thuyết hư cấu, etc.) với những tính cách và đặc điểm gần giống con người, nói chung là các động vật nhân hoá.Ví dụ, một Furry …
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 · Welcome to The Furry Fandom Topic. This is the topic to discuss the furry fandom, furries, etc. Here you can talk about your favorite fursuiters, artists, fursonas, animals, etc. with a bunch of other people interested in the fandom. It’s a place to express your feelings
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1 Welcome to the Wiki, Gamers. 2 The War Has Ended (For Now) 3 Important Timelines 4 Notable Pages 5 Spinoff Wars Gamers, be alert! This wiki has become the target of Furry vandalism. Stay aware and do your part in removing and reverting the Furry propaganda from the site when it appears. It is here that we inscribe the tales of the awe-inspiring war against the Furries. Help out our fellow
Furry fandom
El furry fandom (también conocido como furrydom, furridom, fur fandom o furdom) se refiere al fanatismo hacia el género furry de la literatura, arte y entretenimiento. El término furry fandom también es usado para referirse a la comunidad de artistas, escritores
Furry fandom
Il furry fandom è un fandom incentrato su personaggi immaginari, animali antropomorfi con personalità e caratteristiche umane. L’antropomorfismo trattato al furry (lett. “peloso”) generalmente include l’attribuzione al soggetto di intelligenza umana, espressioni facciali, anatomia generale, capacità di parlare, bipedalismo, vestiti, e altri attributi tipicamente umani.

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Furry fandom je „fandom“, který se zabývá antropomorfními zvířecími postavami. Tyto postavy mají lidskou osobnost a další lidem podobné vlastnosti. Příkladem takových vlastností jsou obličejové výrazy, schopnost mluvit, chodit po dvou a nosit oblečení. Furry fandom tvoří komunita lidí, kteří se schází na
Furry Ball
 · Furry Ball is a female contestant onMysterious Object Super Show.She is currently competing onTeam Neon. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Coverage 4 Deaths 4.1 Something Along the Lines of A Rainy Day 5 Fan Fiction 6 Gallery Furry Ball is a round, animal aquamarine ball covered in fur.She hasa cat-like tail, two large fluffy ears, a small black nose, and a tuft of hair on her forehead. …