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Blade Breaker

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Fanfic: Deadly Artistry, Warframe
An unreal breath in the break. “Another to be slain, another to be witnessed” did it think. A mantra recited before every kill, a reminder of its action and duty. And with a vision of clarity in its form, it drew forth the instrument of its art. Its tool of its work, its brush of
[Fanfic] EX Chapter 6
Chapter 6 – Warrior of Anti-Destiny . 1 The village where the magicians of the evil cult took root were living It was inconspicuously located in the north of Valencia region, in the mountainous region of Iberian mountain range. It was a period where cars or planes still
Elfangor’s Dome
Animorphs An Aristh’s Dreams by Mary I am Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. I am on board a Dome ship as an aristh. My brother Elfangor is here, too, as my prince. I am waiting for the day I can be declared a full warrior. Then I will destroy the

11 of the Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan Fictions So …

The advent of Avengers: Endgame has ramped up those stories to a new high, and is here to break down some standout stories. From Phil Coulson to T ‘Challa, you can find your favorite


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Mosquitor’s Fan Fiction

Mosquitor’s Fan Fiction Welcome to my fanfic page! Here you can read all the stories from my Masters of the Universe canon. I recommend you download them, as some are very long! I also have some pretty cool stories by other authors here, and if you want me
“Ehehe, I am you. Hey, were you surprised?” Rebellion: “I’m a little different than I used to be. Kishishishi.” Unlimited: “Hey, let’s be friends!” Melona is one of the four servants of The Swamp Witch and her strongest minion. She is a shape-shifter who can change the shape of her body freely and instantly. She is skilled in obtaining information and assassination. It is assumed that she was
Reappearance in Infinity Blade III?
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Angust Fanfiction Stories

Browse through and read angust fanfiction stories and books “I promise not to break this promise!” Remus declared, raising his hand, and closing his eyes. “Remus, that’s not how-.” Sapphira began, rolling her eyes when he sent her an amused glare, the corners of

Manzuri Break

Manzuri Break a Ranma 1/2 lemon shortfic by Ukyou Kuonji (Manzuri: literally, “ten thousand rubs”) She pulled the handle up so that her buttocks were resting on the blade, and the handle pressed against her front. She closed her eyes as she bent and
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Japanese: はぐれ勇者の鬼畜美學(エステティカ), Hepburn: Hagure Yūsha no Esutetika) is a Japanese light novel series written by Tetsuto Uesu and illustrated by Tamago no Kimi. A 12-episode anime adaptation by Arms aired between July and September 2012. It has been licensed in North America by
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Advent Children Complete – Blade Beam – YouTube
Dec 5, 2018 – In this clip from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Cloud uses his Blade Beam Limit Break.
Knight Errant (fanfic)
Knight Errant is a fanficton based on the Kirby franchise. It features a combination of both the Kirby game and the Kirby anime universes, and implies that the anime universe and the game universe are one and the same (the anime occured first, followed by the events of the games). Knight Errant can be read here. Adult Child: Kirby. Break the Cutie: Done to Kirby when he finds out that he’s